Restoration of work is another area in which Browning Arts is skilled.  Whether it be photos, paintings, prints, textiles, frames which have broken or have missing pieces, old documents, sculptures, maps, etc., it can be done here with care.  We have been doing this for many years and have many happy customers with pieces they thought they might have to throw away, but very happily take home to hang them proudly on the wall.

Sometimes it is a case where a framed item fell down and the glass broke, and the picture got scratched.  This can be remedied and the glass replaced. 

First look at some frame restoration, further below is the cleaning process, and further is restoration of holes and paint loss.



BEFORE                              AFTER

This piece was really dirty and had an ear broken.  Here it is restored and on the owner's wall.

This antique photo was discolored and had cracks.  It was restored and reinstalled into the frame which also had a little restoration.  Before and after.


Below are before-and-after pictures of frames that had missing decorative elements.  Before, during, and after.


Below you see images of paintings which are going through a cleaning process.  What a difference!

Below that are images of before and after restoration of a painting and frame.  The painting had varnish bloom, and tears in the canvas with paint missing.  Some of the decorative elements of the frame were missing and they were restored.


These two photos show before-and-after of a painting that had paint loss.