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Browning Arts is well-known for picture framing and has many satisfied customers.  We examine your artwork and work with you to make frame, mat, and glass selections to best suit your art and conservation practice.

Because of our background, education, and professional experience as a practicing artist and framer, we can advise you about your piece to bring out its best.  

We use the best framing practices and materials available.   

Is it worth framing? Should I really spend the money?

We often hear, "I want to have it framed, but I don't want to spend a lot of money."  We know customers often wonder about whether they should spend money on framing some things, like children's art, or an artwork for which they didn't pay a lot of money.  Perhaps they got it for much less than it's really worth, or it's just a sentimental item.   If you love it, want to preserve it, are proud of your good taste, want to make it look better than it does, then framing will do all that for you.   Customers are often dismayed that the framing will cost more than what they paid for some really great art, and maybe they got it for less than it's really worth.  With children's art, there's no way to put a value on it.  It can be made to look like professional art.   Sentimental or heritage pieces are worth framing if they will give you joy or need preservation for generations to come.

Framing prices and misc. services

Our frames range in price depending on size, finish, material, and country of origin (many are imported).  We offer a wide variety of corner samples from which you can choose a single frame or a stacked frame.  You can spend a lot or spend less depending on your tastes, but material prices have gone up a lot in the last 5 years, and it will cost something.  We don't aim to be the cheapest, just the best.

We have the capability to cut rectangular, oval, or circular mats and glass.  You may desire a single, double, or even triple mat for your artwork.  

Other related services include dry mounting, which permanently mounts your piece on a substrate (usually foam board), shrink wrapping, stretcher building for new paintings or restretching paintings that have been removed from stretchers. 

Sometimes customers bring in a frame and ask if their piece can be installed in it, and the answer is yes.  Now and then the frame has to be cut down and reassembled. 

We only feature genuine wood frames, not plastic or pressed wood. We also have a wonderful selection of metal frames in many colors.

The types of artwork and other pieces we have worked with include paintings, drawings, photographs, posters, documents, maps, prints, pastel drawings, clothing, old tools, medals, coins, needleart, fiber arts, fossils, greeting cards, christening gowns, sports memorabilia, baby shoes, etc.  Sometimes these are installed in shadow boxes for better display.  Sometimes float mounting is requested, which we also do. 

Prices depend primarily on size, and then what frame, type of glass, and other specific services your piece needs, such as needleart mounting.